Does headgear work to prevent injuries in combat sports?

In updating this website, I googled myself (yes, I recommend doing this from time to time!) and happened across the Review of the evidence in relation to headgear for combat sport. I was unaware that it had been published online, as it was part of a project I was involved in back in 2013, along with Dr P White, Prof A McIntosh, A/Prof P McCrory, Prof CF Finch.

It was commissioned by the New South Wales Office of Communities, Sport and Recreation, through Sports Medicine Australia.

At the time, headgear use in combat sports was mandatory in NSW. Because the rules around the wearing of headgear for the 2016 Olympics was being reviewed, the state body wanted to find out what the scientific evidence for headgear was in order to make an informed decision as to their own future rules.

It has since been announced by the International Boxing Association that male elite boxers will not wear headgear at this year’s Olympics.

I will leave it up to the report itself to draw the conclusions, so have a read here if you are interested.