In which I present at Nerd Nite Wagga Wagga edition

Last year, Wagga Wagga (yes, that is a town in Australia) NerdBoss Wade Kelly (follow him @wadekelly) invited me to speak at NerdNite.

What is NerdNite you ask?

It is, simply, delightful.


Started in 2003 in Boston, Nerd Nites have spread around the world to over 80 cities. The formula is simple, three nerdy presentations in a bar to titillate your brain mush and beer (to make it mushier). It’s evidence-based entertainment.

My talk was billed as such:

There’s No Such Thing as an Accident

We often think that accidents happen when the stars of misfortune align and, as a result, people get injured (or worse); however, most injuries are foreseeable and preventable. Sheree will explore the link between growing up in Africa and her research into Australian Football (hint: condoms), and will explain why there are no such things as accidents.

Yeah: no further comment. You had to be there.

Photographic evidence here.