On restorative niches

I read eight new books, and two old ones, re-read parts of five other books I love, and remained with the feeling of countless others. In all, fifteen-plus books this holiday.

Just so you know, I also spent some time with wonderful friends, had a simple christmas, attended the boxing day cricket, and had a fabulous new years eve.

I exercised, and I baked cakes.

I took long naps.

I only watched two movies. I did not watch television once. I stayed away from the internet and social media.

I called and skyped my family, who are on the other side of the world.

I wrote, and I created collages. I was creative.

I took long walks, listened to great music.

I took long baths, with glasses of bubbles.

I was alone. I re-acquainted myself with loneliness, and boredom.

I holed up in my garret.

This festive season I chose to go somewhere I’d rather be.

It was.