Perhaps there is more to unlearn than there is to learn

How often do we allow ourselves to unravel? Particularly in the new year? So often the new year demands of us a tightening: resolutions demand of us to get back in the box. I woke up this morning and realised that my post of last night, an inhale, was more about unlearning than learning. Talk about the perfect word.

This world imposes so much on us: gender roles, stereotypes, body policing, pressure, life goals, perfection…I could go on. The aforementioned new years resolutions scream ACHIEVE what this world expects of you. And so we learn, we compromise, we bend, we bend a little more…until we become unrecognisable to our deepest selves.

Perhaps the inhale and the exhale are less about learning and releasing, and more about unlearning and releasing. The breath becomes more powerful that way. More profound.

Sit with this a little today. If you can, do that thing that you would love to do today. This does not have to be radical, I promise. Write a few words on a page and throw them away before anyone sees them, doodle, take a walk. It may be slightly bigger: collage (collage is WONDERFUL – it’s art for people who fear they cannot draw, and brings to life wonderful insights and intentions). Or simply take a moment to breathe. To be.

Each of the words, the concepts, from my previous post have been about unlearning what this world has told me I should be, what I should want or even need, how I should act, when I should do what, whom I should love, what job I should do, what I should own – simply: who I should be to make others comfortable.

I am not okay with that. I do not exist to make you comfortable.

Women especially are conditioned this way, slowly learning who and what they can and should be. You are more than that, this world needs you to live in your vastness. Never settle.

Inhale. Unlearn. Exhale. Create.

I promise it is worth it when the magic comes. More than.