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Sex, gender, and sports

Tannenbaum C & Bekker S

The BMJ, 364:l1120


“It doesn’t make sense for us not to have one” – Understanding reasons why community sports organisations chose to participate in a funded automated external defibrillator (AED) program

Fortington L, Bekker S, Morgan D & Finch CF.

Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine, 29(4): 324-328


Shuffle methodological deck chairs or abandon theoretical ship? The complexity turn in injury prevention

Bekker S

BMJ Injury Prevention, 25(2):80-82


How key intermediary organisations ‘bridge the gap’ between injury prevention research and practice: novel insights

Bekker S

British Journal of Sports Medicine, Online FIrst DOI:10.1136/bjsports-2018-099508


Improving qualitative research findings presentations: insights from genre-theory

Bekker S & Clark AM.

International Journal of Qualitative Methodology, 17(1):1609406918786335


The fallacy of amelioration: Thinking through Knowledge Translation in sport and exercise medicine

Bekker S, Paliadelis P & Finch CF

Translational Sports Medicine, 1(4):166-171


We need to talk about manels: The problem of implicit gender bias in sport and exercise medicine

Bekker S, Ahmed O, Bakare U, Blake TA, Brooks A, Davenport TE, Mendonça LD, Fortington LV, Himawan M, Kemp J, Litzy K, Loh R, MacDonald J, McKay C, Mosler AB, Mountjoy M, Pederson A, Stefan MI, Stokes E, Vassallo AJ, Whittaker J

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Identifying priority policy issues and health systems research questions associated with recovery outcomes for burns survivors in India: A qualitative inquiry

Jagnoor J, Bekker S, Shoba C, Potokar T & Ivers R.

BMJ Open, 8(3), e020045


The efficacy of an iterative ‘sequence of prevention’ approach to injury prevention by a multidisciplinary team in professional rugby union

Tee J, Bekker S, Collins R, Klingbiel J, van Rooyen I, van Wyk D, Till K, Jones B.

Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, 21(9):899-904


Online media reporting of football-related fatalities in Australia: a matter of life and death

Fortington LV, Bekker S & Finch CF

Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, 21(3):245-249


The translation of sports injury prevention and safety promotion knowledge: insights from key intermediary organisations

Bekker S, Paliadelis P & Finch CF

BMC Health Research Policy and Systems, 15(1):25


Too much information? A document analysis of sport safety resources from key organisations

Bekker S & Finch CF

BMJ Open6(5):e010877


Bringing complexity to sports injury prevention research: from simplification to explanation

Bekker S & Clark AM

British Journal of Sports Medicine, 50(24): 1489-1490